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About Ciamara

Ciamara was founded in 2008.  Less than 10 years after our humble beginning in a Manhattan apartment, Ciamara is now a global business with clients in over 50 countries.  Our corporate headquarters are in Wilmington, Delaware.  We operate a full-time demonstration facility at 110 Wall Street in Manhattan.  And we maintain a fully staffed warehouse, global logistics and customs brokerage platform in Miami, Florida.  

Most of our local clients meet with us in person, at least once.  We encourage clients to visit us when in New York, and we frequently visit our clients at their homes and places of business.  We emphasize this because we believe in building long-term relationships, based on mutual trust and painstaking attention to detail.

Our core values center around integrity, passion, expertise and hard work.  We are leaders in our field, and we enjoy sharing our expertise with the world.  We treat our clients like family, and if you've had the opportunity to work with us, you know exactly what that means in practice.  

High end audio, or "hi-fi" as it was once known, has changed dramatically over the last decade. Fragmentation, rising parts costs, low efficiency and limited innovation have caused many companies to contract or disappear.  But there are many innovative and exciting companies growing by leaps and bounds, and the best is yet to come!

Ciamara has enjoyed rapid growth over the last decade, and we intend to accelerate our rate of growth as we look forward.  For us, the model is simple. We continually develop and refine our expertise, and we move deliberately into new areas that fit with our core values. We understand our market today, and we are prepared for the new markets of tomorrow.  But most importantly, we add real value by providing the best advice and the highest level of service.  We truly excel in this regard, and we encourage you to contact us today to find out how we can help you!

We are “sound artists” with in-depth, real-world experience and technical knowledge. We create perfect sound from the recording studio direct into the personal listening space.  A small, yet diverse, group of true experts manages every detail of the Ciamara experience.  Our mission, philosophy, belief and knowledge all converge in our unshakeable conviction that great sound can only be created by combining the highest expertise, and the most sincere passion, into a sound worthy of being shared with the whole world.