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The end of summer marks a pretty exciting time in the world of high-end audio. It's the time of year that manufacturers start rolling out their new products. First up is news that Ayre Acoustics is ready to begin shipping their new headphone amp/DAC/preamp called the "CODEX" We've been listening to our demo and it's blowing us away with how good it is for the unbeatable price of $1795. We've also recently added MSB Technology to our lineup. MSB has been doing astonishing things with digital playback for years and with products that offer so many different configurations and options, we felt they were a perfect fit for our clients ever changing digital playback needs.  We've also been working on revamping our Learning Center to offer more content and a more organized layout. We should have those changes up over the next few weeks, so keep checking back. You may also have noticed a News and Reviews link at the top of the site. This is where you'll find the latest product reviews and articles that we hope you'll find informative and helpful. Current topics include turntable accessories, getting higher sound quality with a music server, improving the performance of your Pono Player and Ayre Codex and why you should consider a power conditioner like the Shunyata Triton.

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Ciamara Welcomes MSB Technology

MSB Technology Corporation was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1989. The company includes two principle activities. Their main business is as a high-end audio component manufacturer. A range of products are marketed under the MSB name. On the other hand, they do contract research and product development, creating new high-tech products for clients around the world. they have designed products for many of the leading audio and home theater companies.

They company is comprised of full time engineering staff members. They are one of the few audio companies who do their own design in-house and in the California. Their products are produced in-house and with the participation of team specialized local California vendors.With a legacy of designing and manufacturing high-end CD players and D/A converters spanning more than twenty years, MSB continues to exhibit leadership in audio technology.


We were very excited to hear that our first orders of Ayre's Codex are on their way and should be ready to ship out to anyone that pre-ordered them very soon. We've been putting our demo model through its paces over the last couple of weeks and all we can say is WOW! This little thing is AWESOME! We compared it against a variety of other headphone amps and DACs and are blown away by how good it is. In fact, it was easily one of our favorite amps at the recent Head-Fi Meetup in SF in July. Listening to balanced headphones in balanced mode is a truly stunning experience, so be sure and grab some balanced Cardas headphone cables when you place your order.

The Codex ($1795) is a DAC/headphone amp/digital preamp that builds on the platform that they designed for the Pono—ESS9018K2M DAC chip and discrete analog output circuit—but utilizes a much better analog power supply and superior components in many places.The Codex, manufactured in Boulder, CO is equally at home as a stand-alone DAC, DAC/Preamp combination, or Headphone Amplifier/DAC. Encased in a sleek, elegant chassis and equipped with the latest Ayre technology, the Codex can blend seamlessly into any environment: from a simple desktop headphone system, to a high performance home audio setup. A fully balanced signal path throughout the analog circuitry provides an inherently clean and quiet backdrop for your music. the zero-feedback design maintains all of the pace and rhythm of your favorite artist, rendering your digital music as effortless as if it were live. Ayre has been designing products like this for over 20 years. Listen and experience what Ayre and your music are all about.



Since its launch in late 2012, news of LUMIN has spread to all corners of the globe, with awards and reviews coming from the industry's most respected websites and magazines.

Computer Audiophile described LUMIN as "the network player by which all others should be judged" and 6moons' Joël Chevassus described DSD through LUMIN as "the most exciting audio experience I've yet had".

Now with the introduction of the D1, LUMIN has brought their award winning platform to an even more affordable price.

The same musical delivery, for less

  • Compact case
  • Single circuit board design
  • Retains XLR balanced outputs
  • Effortlessly plays everything from DSD through high-res PCM to mainstream formats FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and Internet radio streams.
  • Gapless Playback, On-Device Playlists and robust music buffering provide a superior playback experience, free from distractions.
  • Even at this price point, the highest-grade matching components are selected, including true balanced audio outputs.

Vacuum-tube control amplifier of the Golden Age revived in modern times -. CL-38u has a high quality design of all stages SRPP circuit, a multi-function tone control, a phono stage of the highest quality. It is the vacuum tube control center for the listener who appreciates tonal color and wants to derive the maximum pleasure from his music playback system.

Luxman was founded in 1925 and has been designing & manufacturing vacuum tube amplifiers for almost nine decades. One such model was the CL-35 control amplifier in 1970, which ran through three iterations.

Housed in an attractive wooden cabinet the CL-38u employs 3 x ECC83 and 5 x ECC82 in classic SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) configuration throughout all gain stages for extremely low output impedance thereby achieving strong drivability to cope with the most awkward amplifier loads. The use of four moving-coil step-up transformers in the phono stage further enables quiet and accurate reproduction of music recorded onto the LP. The CL-38u is a full-function pre-amplifier built to fulfill Luxman’s design philosophy in the quest of function and superlative sound quality that only a few modern valve amplifiers are able to achieve.

If you've ever been curious or, like many of us, longing for that warm, natural sound that only tubes can provide now is your chance to really hear what modern vacuum tubes can do. We've listened to this at great length and it easily rivals tube preamps costing thousands more. If you don't have the budget and desire the performance of higher priced tube preamps, look no further than the Luxman CL-38u.

Release of the Month:Alessia Cara "Four Pink Walls"


Allessia Cara i
s a 
19 year old Canadian singer that has taken us and world by storm with her breakout single "Here" She is set to release her debut EP "Four Pink Walls" on August 28th and

what this very talente
 if "Here" is any indication of what to expect, we can't wait to hear
d young lady can do.Check out Alessia's performance of her debut single
"Here" on the Tonight Show.