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Sbooster Ultra Power Filter for the Uptone Audio Regen

The SBooster Ultra for the UpTone Audio Regen USB Hub is their first switch-mode power supply add on based on active filter technology. Compared to the passive SBooster Single Unit you will get with the Ultra an even greater crispness, tightness, distinctness and focus. Last but not least your Regen will run a lot cooler which has a positive impact on the overall sound quality. The SBooster Ultra upgrade for the Regen is a plug & play addition to your stock supplied Mean Well switch-mode power supply (MW SMPS). The SBooster Ultra uses active filter technology to purify the high frequent ripple and noise of the MW SMPS. Furthermore the Ultra also enhances the poor power characteristics of the MW SMPS completely in order to get the maximum sound quality out of your Regen system powered by a switch-mode concept. With the SBooster Ultra you get high performance, as well as an economical upgrade option for your Regen.The SBooster Ultra upgrade improves following aspects of the SMPS and Regen: Reduces ripple and noise of the MW SMPS; Improves the stability of the MW SMPS; Lowers the internal power dissipation of the Regen. The SBooster Ultra for the Regen will be delivered as a plug & play device and requires no technical knowledge. The Sbooster Ultra has to be used in combination with your stock supplied 7.5V Mean Well (switch-mode) adapter.

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