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As of this writing, most Firewire audio interfaces still use the Firewire 400 (FW400) standard as pictured here:

Most modern Mac computers have forgone FW400 ports and only have FW800 ports, as pictured here:

The best solution is to obtain a high quality FW400-to-FW800 cable.  It certain cases, it may not be possible to obtain such a cable.  In this case, you can use an adapter.  We recommend purchasing a good adapter, such as the Sonnet FireWire, available from Amazon.

With the introduction of Thunderbolt, Firewire is being phased out on newer machines.  But do not despair!  You can still use your Firewire cables with a Thunderbolt-to-FW800 adapter, available from Apple.

In general, first connect your Computer to your Audio Device (e.g. Weiss INT202, DAC202 or Medea+), and then connect all Firewire Hard Drives in a “Daisy Chain” fashion to a Firewire port on the Audio Device.  For example, if your system consists of the following items, and you only have one FW800 port available, they should be connected in this order:

  • Mac Computer with FW800 Port
  • FW800 to FW400 Adapter + FW400-FW400 Cable
  • Audio Device (it does not matter which Firewire Port you use on the back of your Audio Device)
  • Standard FW400-F400 Cable
  • Firewire Hard Drive
  • Standard FW400-F400 Cable
  • Firewire Hard Drive

If you have multiple Firewire ports, use one for the Audio Device and another for the Firewire Hard Drives.

An even better option is to use the USB bus for your Hard Drives and dedicate the Firewire bus to your audio device.