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Adding Music to Your iTunes Library

In general, we recommend that you use the Apple Lossless (ALAC) or AIFF format for your music library. While FLAC is also a good format that is lossless, it is not supported by iTunes.  For Mac users, FLAC is a non-starter.

The best way to add music to your library is by using the Folder in your iTunes library called “Automatically Add to iTunes”

You can drag and drop single files, whole albums, or groups of albums into this folder using the Finder, and iTunes will do the rest.

If you move a lot of music at a time (e.g. 100s or 1000s of albums), let the machine run for several hours, or overnight as required, to ensure all music added and processed.

How do you know if all the music has been added?

After the music is added by iTunes into your library, you will note that the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder will be empty. This is normal. Once iTunes recognizes your music files, it will move them into folders corresponding to the Album Artist and Album Title.