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iTunes: Create Library


How to Create a New iTunes Library

The default location for an iTunes library is Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music

Ciamara audio systems generally employ an external storage device (e.g. Drobo, G-Tech drive or drive arrays, etc.). In these systems, the music library should be stored on the external storage device.

To create a new library, follow these steps:

  • Quit all applications
  • Launch iTunes by clicking on the iTunes icon in your Dock (or in your Applications folder) while holding down the OPTION key
  • iTunes will prompt you to either Quit, Create Library or Choose Library
  • Click on Create Library
  • Select the location (e.g. G-Tech hard drive, etc.) and click on “New Folder.” You may need to click on a Down Arrow to get the detailed view as pictured at right
  • Name the Folder (e.g. “iTunes Mac Pro”)
  • iTunes will create a new library in that location, and all your music, artwork, library files will reside in that folder
  • Going forward, when you launch iTunes it will automatically launch the last library created, so you do not need to hold down the Option key, unless you want to create a new library or open a different library