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JRiver Media Center (JRMC)

If you have a large music library, or if you want to take advantage of advanced features, Ciamara recommends JRiver Media Center.  This software is most reliable on the Windows platform, but stable versions for Mac OS X are also available (as of late 2013).  If you are a Windows user, we highly recommend Windows Server 2012.  Although Windows 7 and Windows 8 are stable now, we find the sound quality from Windows Server 2012 to be vastly superior.  This tutorial outlines how to set up your audiophile-grade digital to analogue converter for best performance.

Configuring JRiver Media Center for Your DAC

First, open JRiver.  Your main page should look something like this (colors may vary depending on the skin you have chosen):

J River Output Settings 1


Go to the Tools > Option Menu as shown here:

J River Output Settings 2


Under Options, select the Audio settings tab:

J River Output Settings 3


Select your audio device.  In this example we are using the new Ayre QB-9DSD interface.  If your USB-enabled DAC is properly connected to your computer and powered up, it will be visible from the drop down list:

J River Output Settings 4

Once you have selected the appropriate output device, go into the DSP & output format menu:

J River Output Settings 5

For audiophile level playback, make sure that all of the options are NOT checked.  Although Volume Leveling and Output Format conversion may be employed by advanced users, we recommend that you leave these settings unchecked.  This will ensure bit perfect playback of your audio.  Volume control should be handled by your analog preamplifier (or via your DAC):

J River Output Settings 6

JRiver Media Center — Supplemental Configuration Help

If you are still not getting high quality sound output, you may need to check the Sound settings in your Windows environment

J River Output Settings 7


Once this is properly configured, adjust the settings in J River for optimal playback.  In this example, the AURALiC Vega DAC is used:

J River Output Settings 8


J River Output Settings 9