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June 2015 Newsletter



Welcome to the latest installment of our newsletter. Since our last letter we've added quite a few new products from TAD, Shunyatya, Cardas, Pro-ject, Clearaudio and Luxman. We also have the scoop on some exciting new components from Ayre Acoustics, Auralic and Luxman that will be released in the upcoming months. In addition to these new products, our FREE Personalized System Evaluation Service is now up and available to you (see below for details).

Complementary Personalized System Evaluation

Whether it’s putting together your first stereo system or upgrading a component, choosing the right equipment can be a difficult and daunting task. Here at Ciamara we want to make sure you’re not only getting the most out of your system, but that you’re able to enjoy it for years to come. In order to achieve the audio nirvana we all seek, we’re offering a free system evaluation service.

Here’s how it works:

We put you in contact with one of our system design experts who then schedule a consultation.

During the consultation our experts collect information about your current system, what you like and/or dislike about your system and what your goals are.

We then they make recommendations on how to achieve those goals and go over the recommendations during a follow-up session.

It’s easy, painless and absolutely FREE.

Contact us to schedule your free system evaluation today!



New Luxman 700 Series Separates

Luxman C-700u Control Amp (Preamp)

Influenced by the flexibility and supreme sonic performance of the C-600f, the C-700u control amplifier is equipped with version 4.0 of the ODNF circuit which significantly improves the distortion characteristics and overall sound quality. Fitted with the LEUCA1000 attenuator, users have an accurate control whilst the RA-22 also provides quick access to tone control and input selects, making it a comfortable hi-fi experience and a joy to hear.


Luxman M-700u Stereo Amplifier

The new M-700u combines the high performance aspects of the M-600a with the latest version 4.0 of the ODNF circuit, improving distortion characteristics whilst is capable of a configuring with a wide variety of speaker systems including the use of a BLT connection. The stereo amplifier is finished with classic Luxman large needle-type analog displays as in higher-end models.

"The 30WPC M-600A could be the last amplifier for the right listener with the right speakers. But the 120WPC M-700u, which debuts costing 11% more ($9990) is more an amplifier for all seasons: very well done, highly recommended and in my opinion a solid pick for Class A of “Recommended Components.”

John Marks, Stereophile, June 2015


Shunyata Venom AMP-1 Power Distributor

VENOM AMP-1 is a dedicated single outlet high-current power distributor. It is ideal for mono-block amplifiers, video projectors and remotely located components.

The AMP-1 was designed using Shunyata Research’s DTCD™ Analyzer to optimize instantaneous current delivery. There are no current breakers, fuses or surge protection which further streamlines its dedicated purpose to optimize the performance of high power amplifiers, projectors or single component devices.

It uses parts, materials and technologies developed for Shunyata Research's award-winning reference TRITON power distributor.

Shunyata Research’s Gemini module provides over 40,000 amps of surge and transient protection along with noise reduction derived from the CCI™ and MPDA™ filters.

If you have multiple dedicated lines, the AMP-1 may be used to power the amplifiers while a VENOM PS8 or VENOM MPC-12 can be used to power the front-end components.


TAD Compact Evolution One (TAD-CE1)

Experience the boundless joy of hearing sound that is absolutely true to the music.


Strong - The SILENT* Enclosure

The cornerstones of its outstanding physical properties are its combination of birch plywood braces, MDF panels and Bi-Directional ADS Port featuring 10mm-thick hard anodized aluminum side panels that provide superior strength and vibration dampening. Additionally, optimization of the enclosure size and port layout have eliminated standing waves up to 250Hz.

* SILENT: Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology

Clear - CST* Driver

The midrange and tweeter are configured concentrically to match their directional characteristics and eliminate disruption of the sound, and the tweeter diaphragm is elaborately designed and built from lightweight, high rigidity beryllium. With excellent stability, it delivers outstanding sound localization and a natural sound field over a truly wide bandwidth from 250Hz to 100kHz. * CST: Coherent Source Transducer

Inventive - Bi-Directional ADS* Port

Slit-shaped ports are positioned on both of the enclosure’s side panels with flared openings to the front and rear. The symmetrical front-back, left-right layout eliminates the effects of unwanted sound from the port as well as standing waves within the enclosure. Considering the compact size, you’ll be amazed at the rich and powerful sound field that will fill your listening room. * Bi-Directional ADS: Bi-Directional Aero-Dynamic Slot

Powerful - 18cm Woofer with MACS* Diaphragm

The shell-shaped diaphragm integrates the center cap and cone into a single piece. Coupled to the voice coil via a molded cradle that fully conveys the powerful driving force of the large neodymium magnet, and combined with the turbulence suppressing aerodynamic design of the rear side, this woofer delivers rich and clear bass and vibrant lower midrange.

* MACS :Multi-Layered Aramid Composite Shell

Artistic - Minimal Baffle

It takes full advantage of the characteristics of the CST Driver and Bi-Directional ADS Port in the absolute smallest layout area. The result is smooth, broad sound diffusion that keeps diffraction to a minimum. With a high quality mirror finish on tropical olive grain wood, paired with hard anodized aluminum side panels, it exudes a uniquely individual presence; luxurious while still unprecedentedly cutting-edge.


New all Black Clearaudio Performance DC


The Performance DC shares sophisticated technology with Clearaudio’s award-winning Ovation and Concept turntables, placing it in the middle of this series of three turntables featuring outstanding sound, unmatched value and ease of use.

The Performance DC’s main composite chassis consists of a specific density wood core sandwiched between two massive anodized aluminum plates. A band of polished silver aluminum is wrapped around the plinth’s core, giving the Performance DC an elegant and modern look.

The powerful and smooth-running DC motor is mounted to the composite main chassis and is effectively decoupled for enhanced dynamic range. The motor and belt are hidden from view, protected from dust and UV. They drive a precision machined aluminum sub-platter coupled to a 40mm thick polyoxymethylene (POM) platter, supported by Clearaudio’s patented CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing).

The Performance DC’s 33, 45, and 78 rpm speeds are selected by blue illuminated buttons, ergonomically integrated into the front left of the chassis. Precision adjustability is possible for each speed via user-accessible trim pots. The Performance DC comes standard fitted with Clearaudio’s magnetic bearing Verify Carbon Fiber tonearm and its interchangeable armboard design can accommodate a variety of 9-inch tonearms including Clearaudio’s Clarify, Satisfy, Magnify and Universal tonearms.

Cardas Parsec Power Cable


Parsec is Cardas Audio's latest power cable, introduced at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show. Replacing Quadlink in their product line, Parsec offers improved technology and performance. With filtering on all three legs, Parsec Power offers performance beyond its price point, and rounds out the Parsec product line.

Termination Options:

Parsec Power comes starndard with all new Cardas 3455R wall plugs & 15 amp IEC connectors, featuring copper blades plated with rhodium over silver. All standard international wall plugs are also available, as are 20 amp IEC connectors.

Custom lengths are also available

Cardas Clear Digital (SPDIF) Cable

State of the art coax digital has arrived. Flawless digital signal transmission using the legendary Matched Propagation technology. Applied to SPDIF (75 ohm) applications you are treated to completely neutral and transparent playback. This is the reference digital cable all others are measured by. Clear Digital SPDIF replaces Lightning 15 as Cardas Audio's flagship digital coax.

Termination Options:

Clear Digital comes terminated with Cardas SRCA plugs or BNC.

Forthcoming Products


Ayre Acoustics CODEX

*est arrival 6/15

**NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS** (contact us for details)

The Codex ($1795) is a DAC/headphone amp/digital preamp that builds on the pltform that they designed for the Pono—ESS9018K2M DAC chip and discrete analog output circuit—but utilizes a much better analog power supply and superior components in many places.

The Codex sports USB and optical inputs; RCA and XLR analog outputs; and 1/4" and two 3.5mm headphone jack outputs. The two 3.5mm jacks can be configured for tandem listening (two listeners) or for balanced listening with custom cables.


ENIGMAcoustics Dharma 1000 Headphones and Athena A1 Headphone Amplifier

*est arrival 7/15

Dharma 1000 Headphones

Electrostatic Serenity

There’s something undeniably magic about electrostatics. Whether it’s loudspeakers or headphones, their ability to resolve inner detail, to reproduce music with immediacy, transparency,and focus is unparalleled. Utilizing an almost massless thin film membrane, they have long been regarded as the Holy Grail, and what they do as magic.

ENIGMAcoustics came into existence with that belief. And as a company devoted to electrostatic design, we made a statement right out of the gate with our groundbreaking Sopranino electrostatic super tweeter. Its design, built around our patented SBESL™ (Self-Biased Electrostatic) technology, eliminates the need for an external AC connection to provide a polarizing voltage.

This patented SBESL™ technology is implemented now─as a miniaturized work of art─in the DHARMA Hybrid Electrostatic Stereo Headphone. The result, not unexpectedly, is high frequency response that extends to 50 KHz, and sweet, nuanced, sound that will take your breath away. Augmenting the electrostatic HF element for lower frequencies is a 50mm Wagami paper based dynamic driver, which provides not only bass extension to 15 HZ, but palpably impactful mid bass as well. It transitions seamlessly to DHARMA’s electrostatic tweeter with a phase coherent first order slope.

At 380 grams, DHARMA is comfortable. It is also an ergonomic and stylish design featuring a high-grade aluminum alloy housing and sound that will envelope the listener in nothing less than electrostatic serenity.


Athena A1 Headphone Amplifier

The Athena A1 is an audiophile’s dream. From its three dimensional soundstage to its ability to faithfully articulate voices and instruments, to separate and fix them in space, the Athena A1 is an engaging and musical headphone amplifier. Designed by a virtuoso engineering team, it is the first headphone amplifier from ENIGMAcoustics. It is also represents the culmination of an exhaustive design effort, hundreds of hours of listening, miles of response curves, and carefully selected parts.

Chosen for their sonic purity and low noise, ECC82/12AU7 triode vacuum tubes, driven in pure Class-A mode, provide the foundation for Athena A1’s single-ended front end. A full-wave 6CA4 vacuum tube rectifier is then employed, followed by an LC smoothing filter. While the Class-A MOS/BJT hybrid output stage is extremely solid and robust, it is a great complement to the single-ended triode front end; and together they render music that flourishes with all the harmonic hues of live music. The output stage exhibits extremely low output impedance, which ensures compatibility with low impedance headphones; and its high output voltage swing also allows Athena A1 to effortlessly drive high impedance headphones as well.

Elegantly presented, the Athena A1 features a strikingly attractive visual design, glass exterior, and state of the art construction. This innovative and bewitchingly musical vacuum tube headphone amplifier may well have re-written the book on SET (Single-Ended Triode) design.


Auralic Aries Mini

*est arrival 9/15

AURALiC launches ARIES MINI ($399), a new member of its lightning product line. ARIES MINI is a wireless streaming node designed for your existing audio system connection. It enables your home stereo with wireless high-resolution streaming capability at an affordable price.

ARIES MINI shares all existing software and hardware functions of our original popular streaming bridge: ARIES, which launched last year on the HighEnd Munich show. In additional, ARIES MINI has a pair of high quality analog output powered by ESS Sabre DAC chip: ES9018K2M. The built-in storage slot accepts any 2.5-inch hard drive or solid-state drive, which can be used to build your personal music library.

ARIES MINI can stream high-resolution music extremely fast over WiFi signal at virtually any sampling rate, even for the latest Quad-Rate DSD and DXD. It is powered by AURALiC's proprietary Tesla hardware platform including a Quad-Core ARM Coretex-A9 processor running at 1GHz, 512MB DDR3 onboard memory and 4GB internal data storage. The Tesla platform has a calculation ability of 25,000 MIPS, more than enough to decode a vast spectrum of audio formats, including AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, DIFF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA.

‘We are trying to create something that is affordable for most music lover, not just audiophile,’ said Xuanqian Wang, the CEO of AURALiC. ‘ARIES MINI is exactly the right product for anyone who is eager to experience the wireless high-resolution streaming technology but don’t want to spend a lot of budget on a dedicate DSD DAC or a NAS drive. It is the real DSD streamer for everyone.’

Through Lightning DS, AURALiC’s control software, ARIES MINI can stream music stored on network attached storage, USB disk and optional internal storage. It also supports TIDAL, Qobuz and WiMP lossless streaming services. The other streaming sources are vTuner Internet Radio, AirPlay from Apple devices and Songcast for Windows and Mac system.

The input of ARIES MINI includes Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac dual-band WiFi, USB input and optional internal storage such as 2.5’ hard disk or solid-state drive. The outputs are USB audio that is compatible with DACs, which do not required drive to work on Mac system. The digital audio outputs include Coaxial and Toslink with maximum supported sampling rate up to 24Bit/192k. The single-ended analog output drive by internal DAC supports all sampling rate up to Quad-Rate DSD and DXD.

The dimension of ARIES MINI is 13.5*13.5*2.8cm (W*D*H), weight at about 800 grams depends on different internal storage options. It will be available in two colors: white and black.


Luxman EQ-500 Phono Stage

*est. arrival 9/15

The best looking, best built, and best sounding phonostage that Luxman has ever made!

Luxman’s last top of the line phono stage, the E-1 (solid state) was released in 2001 and was only recently discontinued. Since the introduction of the award winning PD-171 in 2011 and the subsequent PD-171A and PD-171AL turntables, Luxman’s engineers were eager to return to the drawing board and deliver a fresh design using all of the best parts at their disposal for a complimentary phono stage.

Given that Luxman spent almost four years designing the PD-171, it makes sense that they took their time designing the EQ-500.

In order to deliver the tonal density that the best vinyl playback is capable of, the vacuum tube design is not a surprise. Nor that they reached out to Mundorf (Germany) for their “Audiophile” series of capacitors. Many of the Japanese designers feel that the best amplification of the super low output of a moving coil cartridge is with a step-up transformer. Considering that Luxman have been designing transformers for ninety years, it is perfectly logical that four moving coil step-up transformers (two per channel) are employed.


In order to deliver all of the harmonic density available in the best analogue recordings, its a vacuum tube design. All stages are vacuum tube (1, 2 stage SRPP {Series Regulated Push Pull}, the final stage (cathode follower parallel) and non-feedback CR type phono-equalizer amplifier (RIAA standard only).

Vacuum tube rectifier to the power supply circuit for supplying a stable voltage to the amplifier circuit and (EZ81) employing a choke-coil.

Luxman have been designing audio transformers for ninety years. Moving coil step-up transformers (super permalloy), four in all, two per channel for high & low output moving coil cartridges deliver up to 18dB of gain.

Individually adjustable gain & loading up to 67dB for low output moving coil cartridges.

Balanced & single-ended outputs.

Three separate, single ended inputs.

Highest quality parts employed: Mundorf “audiophile” series capacitors (Germany), JJ vacuum tubes (Slovakia) and Takamisawa capacitors (Japan).

Filter switches: low cut (20Hz / 3dB), high cut (8kHz / 3dB).

Mono / Stereo switch.

Articulator switch = cartridge demagnetizer.

Phase invert (for balanced output).

VU meters.

Album of the Month:


The Word "Soul Food"

After more than 14 years, The Word—the gospel supergroup that launched the career of pedal-steel guitarist Robert Randolph—has released the long-awaited follow-up to its eponymous debut. Soul Food, which reunites the members of the Word — keyboardist John Medeski, pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph, and North Mississippi Allstars guitarist Luther Dickinson, drummer Cody Dickinson and bassist Chris Chew. Soul Food features the outfit's trademark roof-raising, gospel-infused boogie—nine instrumentals and two with vocals.