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Ripping CDs for Computer Audio

Ripping CDs is not a trivial affair. If you have a large collection, we highly recommend engaging a professional CD ripping service to ensure your CDs are properly ripped and tagged.  Proper ripping will ensure all audio data is properly transferred into the audio files.  Proper tagging will ensure all the appropriate metadata (artwork, song information, artist, etc.) are encoded into the files.  Contact Us for help with finding a high quality CD ripping service provider.

If you prefer to do it yourself, the key factors to concern yourself with are:

  • The quality of the rips, which depends on the ripping algorithm chosen, the CD-ROM drive used and the state of the compact disc (scratched vs. pristine)
  • Obtaining and embedding metadata and artwork
  • Archiving and backing up files for long-term interoperability across all platforms

The Computer Audiophile has published an exhaustive tutorial outlining procedures for ripping CDs.  We highly recommend reading the Computer Audiophile CD Ripping Strategy and Methodology before attempting to rip your collection. Ripping is a big job, and it is better to get it right the first time!