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Ripping Vinyl for Computer Audio

Like anything that is worth doing properly the first time, ripping vinyl to digital files is not a trivial affair.  There are many factors to concern yourself with, including:

  • Turntable setup, including correct alignment, tonearm angle, etc.
  • Cartridge selection
  • Phono stage (optional if using digital RIAA)
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • Software
  • Processing algorithms
  • File formats
  • Obtaining and embedding metadata and artwork
  • Archiving and backing up files for long-term interoperability across all platforms

The Computer Audiophile has published an interesting tutorial outlining procedures for ripping vinyl to digital files.  We highly recommend reading the Computer Audiophile Guide to Converting Analog Vinyl To Digital Files Using Windows as a starting point.  On the Mac, there are several ways to accomplish excellent results.  Contact Us for details.