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Shunyata Everest 8000

Shunyata Research never ceases to impress! The Everest 8000 merges patented science from Shunyata Research’s critically acclaimed Hydra Triton and Typhon designs with the transformative technologies applied within its heralded medical division products. From the stunning form-follows-function tower design to its inside-out engineering, the Everest represents the pinnacle of development and achievement in multiple industries. Discover for yourself why designer Caelin Gabriel refers to the Everest as the greatest engineering accomplishment of a career spent designing silent electrical systems for military, medical, mastering, recording, and high-performance entertainment systems.


SOUNDBOKS 2 High Fidelity, High Output, Battery Powered Loudspeaker System.
$699.00 $899.00

Roon Nucleus

Stream and manage your music library with the Roon Nucleus, a multi-room, multi-user music server with extended storage and zone capacities from the base model.

Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2 MQA

The Alpha DAC Series 2 MQA with Version 3 Firmware!

Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference Series 3

Breakthrough DAC Technology Redefines Digital Audio Quality Unequaled PCM audio quality from 32kHz to 192kHz Unequaled MQA Rendering audio quality to 384kHz and above Ultra low phase noise conversion clocking Ultra low distortion variable output attenuator Outputs can connect directly to power amplifiers