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The passionate commitment of Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang, the founders of AURALiC Ltd, is to create a series of user-friendly audio equipment combining modern audio technologies and sublime artworks. AURALiC products will provide music lovers a completely new way of enjoying music, free from the sophisticated traditional audio equipment. Let the music revive with greatest vitality and emotions at ease of use.

One co-founder, Xuanqian Wang, trained as a professional engineer in both electronics and recording engineering, has been working on digital audio electronics design and music recordings for many years. Xuanqian Wang is also an accomplished pianist through long years of training since childhood.

The other co-founder, Yuan Wang, studied sociology and management science in the United States. After graduation, he returned to China and started an enterprise of precision instrument manufacturing. The passion for music led him to work on music and audio promotion quite actively in his spare time.

In 2008, Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang met each other during the Festival of Waldbühne Berlin. It was the shared love of music and the relentless pursuit of superior sound quality which brought the two young men together and inspired them to set up their professional partnership to design and manufacture audiophile products. So was born AURALiC Ltd.

With the mission to capture and reproduce every tiny detail in recordings with purity and emotions, AURALiC produces high-end audiophile products that are reliable and upgradable. Using the latest digital technologies, AURALiC’s products bring live music back to music lovers in the most enjoyable and convenient way.

AURALiC — Inspire the Music

AURALiC is dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing audio equipment that truly reproduces the charm of music and, making your dream of having mind-to-mind contact with those famous musicians come true. As we all know, to perfectly replay music, we not only need to dig and reproduce every tiny detail in recording process, but also represent those wonderful music masterpieces in an artistic way. What AURALiC design and manufacture are not simply electric audio equipments, instead, are the artistic media through which you could recreate the great music chapter together with the musicians.

Along with the dramatic change in modern science and technology, our products are endowed with a concise shape and user-friendly property. Our products are free from the sophisticated operational and tuning steps of traditional audio equipment and could be better adapted into the modern fashionable family life. What’s key to mention, the reproduction of music from our product has “qualitative leap” and will make you lost in the moment, intimately experiencing the musical delight brought by digital music carrier in the new age.

During the long-term design and research, we’ve reached a conclusion that it is hard to build up a solid basis for development by solely relying on either instrument testing or attentive listening. Only with the discovery of the link between scientific data and auditory sense can we succeed in seeking reliable criteria of evaluation during the R&D process. As a result, we set up mathematician models between subjective auditory sense and objective testing data base at the very beginning of R&D, thus to expand all the research and design work based on such mathematician models.

Thanks to AURALiC’s chief designer, Xuanqian Wang’s years’ recording working experience, we could always succeed in approaching those outstanding recording engineers and musicians to hear their timely and professional feedback about our products. With taking their valuable advice into consideration, our design team then refines the design approaches according to mathematical models in order to achieve perfect yet rich artistic representation in terms of musical reproduction.

To reproduce those great pieces of music, AURALiC will never stop its steps in pursuing the perfect design solutions or discovering the harmonious synthesis of scientific data and the taste for music. With the mission of making you truly perceive the beauty of music as well as the musical delight, AURALiC has been always forging ahead along this journey of inspiring the music.

AURALiC — Reviews and Awards

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AURALiC Aries G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter

The Aries G1 combines the DNA of the classic Aries with the features, performance and looks of AURALiC's latest engineering. Wireless streaming, AURALiC's Lightning app, Airplay compatibility, Spotify Connect, Tidal and Quobuz. You will absolutely be able to get the most out of the most popular streaming services. Of course you can stream up to DSD 512 (DoP and Native) wirelessly through the Aries G1 as well.

Auralic Aries Mini Wireless Streamer


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