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Concert Fidelity

About Concert Fidelity

Concert Fidelity electronics are designed and built by hand in Japan in the best artisan traditions of that country—with a perfectionist’s fanatic attention to detail and a purist’s pursuit of optimized simplicity as the means of achieving the most musically authentic results.

Concert Fidelity takes a perfectionist, “no-holds-barred” approach to design and manufacturing because its designers feel that discriminating customers will notice and appreciate the subtle design touches. The company’s highly optimized and simplified circuits, innovative and perfectionist layout techniques, carefully specified and matched parts, and custom transformers which may be the world’s best, allow you to hear transient speed and low-frequency extension akin to solid state, along with purity, delicacy, and musicality akin to single-ended triodes. With Concert Fidelity’s electronics, you will hear superiority in the following areas:

  • Resolution of harmonic complexity
  • Microdynamic expression
  • Transient speed for resolving rhythmic nuances
  • Extension and speed in low frequencies
  • Resolution of complex musical textures
  • Resolution of soundstage details, along with better presence of individual images


Concert Fidelity — About The Designer

Masataka Tsuda, founder and chief designer of Concert Fidelity, has over 35 years’ experience in vacuum tube and solid state amplifier design. He combines a profound understanding of audio circuits, which allows him to see where many typical design “conventions” do not make sense. Tsuda has uncannily creative inspirations and a perfectionist’s drive to pursue the limits of circuit simplification and purity in sound.

Tsuda believes that true depth of musical expression can only be experienced through circuits that do not try to artificially manipulate the signal in any way. His proprietary Direct Signal Path Technology (DSPT) is inspired by his goal to minimize the amount of time music signal spends in circuit, so that it retains the energy and life inherent in the original material.

Circuits, selection of parts, and layout are optimized so that all unnecessary compensating circuitry can be eliminated and the simplest circuitry can suffice, thus causing the least signal degradation. The result of his perfectionist drive for simplification is amplifiers of extreme transparency and the musical expressiveness of the very best SET’s without their weaknesses.

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